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Competitive Advantage

Our Focus is to champion economic development, community improvement, and business viability. By encouraging investment and employment opportunities, we aim to build a community where all residents can achieve personal and professional success. The global economy is always evolving and so is Union County. We’ve analyzed local, regional and national economic trends and researched the industries that are critical to creating long-term, sustainable and high quality employment within our community.

The following industries serve as the core of our economic development efforts:

Agriculture & Agribusiness

The genesis for much of Union County’s past success and future potential rests within its agricultural community. In addition, the agribusiness industry in Union County blends into research, development, manufacturing and corporate services with companies like Nestlé, Select Sires, and Scotts Miracle-Gro Company operating large, sophisticated corporate facilities in the county.

Corporate Services

Similar to research and development, Union County’s manufacturers have also developed a significant base of corporate support activities within the county. Scotts Miracle-Gro, Univenture, Select Sires and Honda of America Mfg., Inc. all call Union County home. Union County is also adjacent to large corporate services facilities for Cardinal Health, JP Morgan Chase, Ashland Chemical, Ohio Health, Wendy’s and others. New residential developments within Union County are targeted at attracting high income, white-collar residents who will add to the talent base that can attract corporate services facilities.

Advanced Manufacturing

Over the last 30 years, Union County has become a perfect case study in how to leverage an agricultural workforce and work ethic into manufacturing success. Since Honda’s first investment in 1979, Union County’s manufacturing workforce has grown 5,691 employees and 20+ Japanese owned firms representing 24.4% of the County’s total workforce.

Research & Development

The success of Union County’s manufacturing and agricultural businesses has led the creation of a vibrant research and development sector within Union County. The majority of R&D conducted within the county is currently conducted within companies that have broader operations in the county. However, the existing base of R&D talent and facilities provide a platform for attracting and growing new R&D facilities.

Smart Mobility Technology

The world is rapidly evolving with new advancements in smart technology. Union County is an emerging leader in the research and deployment of smart mobility technologies, including connected transportation infrastructure, traffic management and safety systems, AV/CV testing, queue warning and pedestrian safety, and data collection and commercialization.

Neighborhood Retail

Marysville, Plain City, Richwood and other smaller communities in Union County are important retail hubs for both Union County residents and residents of the surrounding counties. As Union County continues to grow, it will be vital to ensure that Union County’s residents have access to the retail services that they desire in accessible, appealing locations.

We also work with businesses that are not in the above targeted clusters. Regardless of your industry, contact us and let us prove how a move to Union County is a move in the right direction.

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