Union County Economic Development is boldly pursuing six key sectors of industry. Through strategic incentives and proactive engagement we are supporting growth and opportunity from both domestic and international sources.

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Union County-Marysville

Advanced Manufacturing

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Union County is the Midwest's Automotive Powerhouse with over 70 automotive companies located along the US-33 corridor between Dublin and East Liberty. Today's success in the automotive sector began in 1979 when Honda of America began production of the Honda CR250 Elsinore motorcycle at the newly constructed Marysville Motorcycle Plant. Since that day over 45 years ago, Honda and its many suppliers and affiliate companies have invested hundreds of millions into our local communities.

Union County-Marysville

foreign Direct investments

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Foreign Direct investments

International companies wishing to invest in the United States are the basis of foreign direct investment (FDI). The United States and the Columbus Region are recognized as strong places to conduct business and are at the forefront of innovation. That especially is true in Union County, where 22 Japanese-owned companies in particular provide employment for thousands of residents. As a community, we see the many benefits it has for economic development. It diversifies the workforce, creates jobs, and often enhances an already-dynamic business environment.

Union County-Marysville

Automotive & smart tech

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​Already home to over 70 automotive suppliers and world-renowned automotive assets, the 33 Smart Mobility Corridor within the Beta District continues to attract attention from around the world. Recent investment in fiber and smart transportation infrastructure, totaling more than $200 million, has allowed the corridor to emerge as the nation's leader in the research and deployment of smart mobility technologies, including connected transportation infrastructure, traffic management, CAV testing, queue warning, pedestrian safety, data collection, drone technology and commercialization.

Union County-Marysville


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Our agricultural history, fertile soil base, plentiful growing season, and research and development infrastructure has allowed Union County to emerge as a key location for agribusiness and agricultural research and development. Our community leaders and partner organizations recognize how important agriculture is to our economy and work diligently to ensure that agriculture and agribusiness remain viable for generations to come.

Union County-Marysville

Small Business

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Small Business is a big deal

Small businesses are crucial to the economy, charm, and quality of life in any community. They drive innovation, create jobs, and bring unique products and services that cater to local needs. In Union County, the significance of small businesses is even more pronounced, as they contribute to the vibrant, close-knit community spirit that defines the area. Union County Economic Development recognizes this importance and is committed to guiding small businesses through the complexities of setting up and growing their operations in the region.

Union County-Marysville

research &

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the future

Research & Development (R&D) is one of Union County’s most important industry sectors. As manufacturers rely on R&D to develop the next generation of technologies, it is critical for our community to foster a productive and attractive environment for manufacturers by reversing off-shoring of technological services and supporting the co-location of manufacturing and innovation.


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