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On Demand Transportation now partnered with Uber

Ride UC, will provide discounted rides with Uber  to and from Marysville (43040) and to the Honda Campus to encourage and support ride services now available in Marysville. Take advantage of discounted rates when riding with Uber to the airport as well as for work-related or personal appointments.


What to know before you go:

  • The discount program begins December 2023.

  • Must have an active Uber account and download the Uber app on a smartphone to participate.

  • Rides to and from 43040 are eligible for voucher.

  • Incentive provided for workforce transportation from 43040 to the Honda Campus.

  • Discount opportunities are limited, and incentives may vary.

  • Rider responsible for costs in excess of voucher amount, tips, and cancellation/no-show fees.

  • MUST click link below to claim voucher through your Uber account



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