Internship Oportunities

In Union County, we are absolutely focused on delivering as many career resources for young ones to learn about their interests. We partner with several businesses in order to get kids exposure to a real work environment.

Students working on a project.
Tolles students working on a motorcycle.
Students working on a hotwheels track.
Students working on an electrical project.
Student welding
Medical Student.
Student operating a backhoe
Student grooming a dog
Medical student
Medical students standing in a hall
Students working on a project.
Medical student at the front of a class
Union County Marysville

Focused High School Internships


An engineering internship offers students and aspiring engineers a practical, hands-on experience that complements their academic learning. During their time, interns work under the guidance of experienced engineers on real-world projects, gaining insights into problem-solving, design, and project management.

Health Care

A healthcare internship provides aspiring professionals with an invaluable glimpse into the dynamic world of medical practice, public health, or healthcare administration. Interns engage in a variety of activities, from patient care under supervision to assisting in research projects and learning about healthcare policies


A tech internship offers a unique opportunity for hands-on learning and development in various aspects of technology, from software development to system engineering. Interns gain valuable experience by working alongside seasoned professionals, participating in real projects, and applying theoretical knowledge in practical situations.

Student operating a backhoe

Marysville Early College High School

The goal of this program is to prepare all students for their future by getting them both college and career ready. By participating in job shadow experiences, and internship, the students will be better prepared for their futures.

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Student and teacher working on a car.
Medical students standing in a hall


Tolles offers a variety of unique internship opportunities to their students. These positions are made possible because of the outstanding support of industry partners throughout Union County. The real-world, hands-on experience that students obtain while on the job is powerful in setting students up for great success in their life after Tolles.

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Hi Point

Ohio Hi-Point offers the Work-Based Learning program for students to gain additional hands-on experience in their chosen career path and earn a paycheck while still attending classes at Ohio Hi-Point.

Student welding

Looking for collegiate interns

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