Smart Mobility


> 35 Miles of CV Infrastructure

> 94 Roadside Units

> 800+ On-board Units

> 27 Connected Traffic Signals

> 432-strand Fiber Network

> 540-acre SMARTCenter

> Open and Closed Testing

> All-weather Environment

> Diverse Testing Environments

> UAS Testing

> Connected Marysville

The Nation's Smart Mobility Proving Grounds

Union County is centrally located along Ohio’s 33 Smart Corridor, a 35-mile highway corridor that crosses three counties (Franklin, Union, and Logan), and connects the cities of Marysville and Dublin to Honda’s North America Campus, the Transportation Research Center, and points beyond.

​Already home to over 70 automotive suppliers and world-renowned automotive assets, the 33 Smart Corridor continues to attract attention from around the world. Recent investment in fiber and smart transportation infrastructure, totaling more than $500 million, has allowed the corridor to emerge as the nation's leader in the research and deployment of smart mobility technologies, including connected transportation infrastructure, traffic management and safety systems, CAV testing, queue warning and pedestrian safety, and data collection and commercialization.

To learn more about the 33 Smart Mobility Corridor and the Columbus Region Connected Vehicle Ecosystem, click here.

Automotive & Mobility Innovation Center (AMIC)

Ohio has a unique opportunity to reshape the next generation of smart mobility and automotive technologies. To take advantage of this opportunity, the City of Marysville and Union County are proposing to construct a 20,000-square foot educational and entrepreneurial center known as the Automotive and Mobility Innovation Center (AMIC) located in the 33 Innovation Park in Marysville.

Once completed, the AMIC will house the following: 

  • Entrepreneurial center and business incubator

  • Office and co-working space for emerging companies;

  • Offices for state agencies involved in automotive and smart mobility;

  • Testing lab;

  • Data center;

  • Space for K-12 and higher education institutions promoting talent and entrepreneurial development;

  • Display area to promote smart mobility;

  • Co-working space that will inspire innovative thought and collaboration among AMIC tenants, educators, and automotive and smart mobility companies; and

  • Space for a Traffic Management System operations office

We will make the AMIC a world leader in information, research, commercialization, modeling, and best practices in the automotive and smart mobility sectors.