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UPDATE: Applications are not being accepted at this time.

If you wish to be placed on a waiting list, please contact us at 937-642-6279. 

The Union County community, through contributions from businesses and individuals as well as the Union County Board of County Commissioners, City of Marysville, Marysville-Union County Port Authority, Union County Chamber of Commerce (COC), Union County Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB), and Union County Community Improvement Corporation (CIC), have collaborated to develop and fund the 3R Small Business Relief Grant Program: Union County Strong! 


As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, we realize that businesses are suffering and have closed operations, furloughed or laid-off employees, and/or have experienced economic losses. To support Union County's business community, we established the Union County 3R Small Business Relief Grant Program (3R). The 3R Program was developed to provide financial aid to small businesses that have sustained economic losses and require funds for lease or mortgage payments, unforeseen expenses, and/or operational assistance. The 3R Program focuses on three main areas of the business community: Uptown/Downtown businesses, hospitality businesses, and small businesses. Applicants are encouraged to pursue additional sources of assistance and funding. 


We are now seeing a path forward to Reconnect with colleagues and partners, to Rebuild our businesses and our community, and Recover normalcy and our strong economic momentum. We are hopeful that the 3R Small Business Relief Grant Program will assist our small business owners with their comeback and provide stability and sustainability for a bright future. 

Program Guidelines



Eligible businesses may apply for a one-time grant of up to $2,500 as determined by the grant review committee.


Quality applicants shall meet the following criteria: 

  1. Business must have been impacted by the State-mandated closures that began on March 15, 2020 due to COVID-19.  The impacts may include the loss of employees or revenue.

  2. Business must be located within Union County, Ohio.

  3. Business must have at least two but no more than 30 full-time equivalent employees as of March 15, 2020. The employee count may include owner(s), partnerships, or other arrangements to support the operation of the business. 

  4. Business must be a targeted use, which includes retail, service, restaurant, hotel, or manufacturing. 

  5. Ineligible retail businesses include tobacco, vaping, tattoo parlor, sexually-oriented, and primary alcohol sales such as carry-outs or convenience stores. Additional ineligible businesses or organizations include places of worship, non-profits, or in-home businesses.

  6. The grant review committee has the discretion to waive certain eligibility requirements.

  7. Business must be in good standing with local, state, and federal jurisdictions with respect to taxes, fees, utility payments, and other financial obligations.

  8. The applicant should demonstrate that it has pursued or has attempted to pursue federal and state assistance programs. Applicants should verify with their financial institutions and/or the SBA that funds received through the 3R Grant Program funds can be used in tandem with federal and state assistance. Additionally, applicants should consult with their CPA regarding any potential tax implications.

  9. Enhanced consideration will be given to an applicant who is a current member of the Union County Chamber of Commerce and/or has been involved in supporting community organizations or other philanthropic causes in the community.   

  10. The owner or a representative of the business must have completed the Union County Chamber of Commerce Business Survey and will complete any future surveys as requested. Applicants must complete the survey prior to submitting the application.

Eligible Assistance

If the applicant has experienced expenses directly attributable to the COVID-19 crisis, the following may be eligible for grant assistance:

  • Lease or Mortgage Assistance: If the applicant applies for lease or mortgage assistance, proof of a lease or commercial mortgage with the monthly amount due shall be provided by the applicant. Lease/mortgage assistance grants will only be disbursed for lease or mortgage payments that are due on or after April 1, 2020.


  • Operational Expenses Assistance: Examples of operational expenses include, but are not limited to: advertising and marketing, supplies, maintenance and repairs, payroll, and utilities. 

  • Unforeseen Expenses: Examples of unforeseen expenses include, but are not limited to: the cost of conversion of products or services to meet the ODH health and safety requirements, development of new solutions to problems presented during the COVID-19 crisis, and the purchase of safety supplies such as masks, hand sanitizer, safety barriers, signage, and items to enforce physical distancing. 

Application Process

  • How To Apply: Applicants are required to complete the online application. The application may take up to 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

  • Prior to Submission: The online application cannot be saved or edited after submission. Applicants are strongly encouraged to download the summary application (PDF) to familiarize themselves with the application prior to completing it electronically.

  • Required Documents: Applicants are required to upload PDF files of the following support documents:

    • ​Taxable Retail Sales in March 2019 and March 2020, or other evidence of gross revenue decline beginning March 15, 2020.

    • Lease or Mortgage documentation only if applicant is seeking rent/lease or mortgage assistance.

  • Please have all support documents (as outlined above) available and ready to upload as part of the application.​ Any information considered to be confidential or protected as a trade secret must be clearly marked as such prior to uploading.

  • Required Responses: Questions marked with an asterisk (*) indicate that a response is required.​

  • Review: All applications will be reviewed. Grants will be awarded until the grant funding is exhausted or the grant program ends, whichever occurs first. 

  • Additional Information May Be Required. Prior to the final approval of a grant application, additional information or documentation may be requested.

Grant Review Criteria

A committee will review each application and determine successful applicants. To be awarded funding, applications will be reviewed and judged based on the following criteria:

  • Determined to have filed a complete application with any additional information or documentation requested.

  • Determined to be a qualifying business and meets the established guidelines and rules.

  • Substantiated the most critical need for grant assistance based on loss of revenues and/or loss of employees. 

  • Determined that the awarded grant will have a direct impact on sustaining the company and growing the local economy.

  • Determined that the business supports various organizations and/or philanthropy in the Union County community.

  • Any other criteria as determined by the committee.

Additional Programs to Support Businesses

  • Business Assistance Resources – As we recover from this public health crisis, we will continue to provide business assistance resources to the community. This assistance includes weekly calls with community leadership, financial institutions, and the business community and weekly emails as assistance programs evolve. Additionally, our business portal will continue to provide updates and critical information for the community. 

  • “Open for Business” Marketing Campaign – In partnership with Union County and Marysville, we will implement an “Open for Business” Marketing Campaign that will focus on promoting the business community and encouraging citizens to spend money locally.


Please direct questions to Eric Phillips, Executive Director, by email

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