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Protect Your Investment
Before developing land in Union County, landowners should contact the appropriate planning and zoning representatives. Staff will provide advice about the process that should be followed prior to legal development of the property.

Building Permits

Building Permits are required in Union County. Plumbing, electrical, and mechanical permits are also required. For additional information, please contact the Union County Building Department by calling 937.645.3018.

Flood Hazard

Flood hazard area permits are required if you construct within a flood hazard area. Certain building restrictions apply within flood hazard areas. To determine if your site is within a flood hazard area, check with the Union County Building Department if the lot is in the unincorporated area of the county. For sites within incorporated municipalities, please contact city or village officials.

Airport Zoning (Marysville)

The Union County Engineer, together with the Ohio Department of Transportation, administers the Airport Zoning Regulations to ensure the safety of aircraft flying in the vicinity of the Union County Airport (Marysville). The Airspace Zoning Map shows the areas or zones around the airport that are subject to these regulations. For more information, please click here.

Zoning Permits & Regulations

Zoning permits are required in most municipalities in Union County and in all townships in Union County excluding Jackson Township. If you intend to build or expand a building, a zoning permit is probably required. For more information, please contact the appropriate Zoning Administrator:


  • City of Dublin                            

  • City of Marysville                      

  • Village of Plain City                   

  • Village of Richwood                 

  • Village of Milford Center          

  • Village of Magnetic Springs    

  • Village of Unionville Center     


Comprehensive Land Use Plans

A majority of municipalities and townships in Union County have adopted Comprehensive Land Use Plans. For additional information, please contact the LUC Regional Planning Commission by calling 937.666.3431.








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