A Competitive Tax Environment

Businesses located in Union County benefit from:

•  No personal property tax
•  No inventory tax
•  No state corporate income tax

In addition to these tax savings, Union County and the State of Ohio offer tax incentives, credits, loans and grants to new businesses and expanding companies.

State Tax Rates

Sales Tax Rate

  • The sales and use tax rate in Union County is 7 percent.

Local Property Tax

Income Tax Rates

  • Marysville: 1.5 percent

  • Plain City: 1.5 percent

  • Richwood: 1.0 percent

  • Milford Center: 1.0 percent

  • Dublin: 2.0 percent

Municipal Income taxes are charged in each of the above communities based on the following:

  1. Individuals who work in one of the local municipalities;

  2. Residents who work in an unincorporated area but live in a municipality that has an income tax;

  3. Residents who work in an incorporated area outside the Union County municipality that has the income tax and live in the Union County municipality that has the income tax and there is a reciprocal agreement between the two municipalities.

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