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A Strategy for Growth & Prosperity

The Union County-Marysville Economic Development Partnership has declared the Union County Economic Development Strategy (EDS) to be the single most important document to maintain and improve the community’s economic health.


Drafted in 2013 and approved in 2014, the EDS provides an Action Plan that outlines specific recommendations on how we can improve our competitiveness and encourage business growth and development. With unprecedented changes in the national and global economies, rapid technological advancement, and a looming workforce crisis, economic diversification, refinement of workforce development policies, and expansion of the local tax base are critical to ensuring that our community continues to thrive and be self-sustaining.


The EDS examines what is working well and how we can leverage assets to attract and retain high quality businesses and development into the County. The strategy is intended as a guide for policymakers and businesses to identify actionable goals and tactics that will strengthen the economic vitality of Union County. A coordinated effort among various groups will ensure that the County’s economic priorities are being addressed and that actions will not take place in a piecemeal fashion.

Download the 2014 Union County Economic Development Strategy

33 Smart Mobility Corridor Economic Development Strategy

The 33 Smart Mobility Corridor Economic Development Strategy was drafted and formally adopted by the Union County-Marysville Economic Development Partnership in 2018. The strategy updates the original 2014 Union County Economic Development Strategy and focuses on the the emerging CV/AV industry and how Union County can become better positioned to attract and support smart technology companies.

The strategy includes regional positioning, asset mapping, comparison scorecard, and integrated tactics. Primary recommended goals include:

  1. Strengthen Union County's business case within the CV/AV industry value-chain by focusing on expanding, attracting, and diversifying supporting industries.

  2. Prioritize talent retention, development, and attraction to support the growth of CV/AV industries in the region.

  3. Develop a unified narrative to aid in the attraction, development, and overall messaging of the 33 Smart Mobility Corridor.

  4. Drive innovative thinking by supporting, growing, and enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem within Union County.

Download the 33 Smart Mobility Corridor Economic Development Strategy

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