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Our Vision

An innovative, connected, smart-growth economy combining manufacturing, research, agriculture, and retail in communities that provide a familiar sense of place.

Our Mission

Create a supportive environment that champions economic development, community improvement, and business viability to advance Union County’s economy and overall quality of life.

Union County Community Improvement Corp.
The Union County Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) serves as the primary point of contact for companies looking to expand or locate a new business to Union County. We engage all projects in a coordinated effort and are dedicated to providing timely, efficient and seamless service for our customers. Our goal is to expand the economy of Union County by working together with our local, regional, and state economic development partners to ensure that our community attracts balanced and sustainable industrial, commercial and residential development.

General services we provide:


•  Site Selection Assistance

•  Gathering of Demographic or Economic Data

•  Pursuing Financial Incentive Packages

•  Coordination of Meetings with Governmental Agencies

•  Assistance with Developing Your Workforce

•  Liaison with Permitting Efforts

Legal Authority of CICs

Community Improvement Corporations are authorized under Chapter 1724 of the Ohio Revised Code: “A corporation not for profit may be organized…for the sole purpose of advancing, encouraging and promoting the industrial, economic, commercial and research development of a community or an area.”

In furtherance of those purposes, the corporation is empowered to do the following:

•  Borrow money for any purpose of the corporation.
•  Issue bonds, debentures, notes, secured or unsecured.
•  Secure such mortgage, pledge, deed or trust, or other lien on its property, franchises and rights of every king of nature.
•  Make loans providing such loans cannot be obtained through normal banking or commercial channels.
•  Purchase, receive, lease, or otherwise acquire and sell, transfer, lease, sublease, or otherwise dispose of property.
•  Acquire goodwill, business rights, real and personal property and other assets of any person, firm, partnership, etc.
•  Mortgage, pledge, or otherwise encumber any property acquired.
•  Accept or purchase publicly-owned property or act as agent for such in its disposal.
•  Do all acts and things necessary or convenient to carry out the powers of the corporation.

CIC Annual Reports

We are happy to share our past success with you. Below are our past Annual Reports, which are in PDF format.

2021 | 2018 | 2017 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012 |2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007

Marysville-Union County Port Authority

The Marysville-Union County Port Authority is a statutory agent of Union County created by the Union County Board of Commissioners. Port Authorities were originally created to operate actual maritime ports, lake and river ports, as well as airports. Over time, the legal powers of ports have proven useful in serving the public interest for economic development as well as navigation.


While the Marysville -Union County Port Authority does not operate a traditional port, under the Ohio Revised Code, port authorities are given certain powers in the areas of real estate development, financing and management of foreign trade zones. Unlike a city or county, port authorities can buy land and construct a building that could be leased or sold to a business of its choosing at a privately negotiated price. They can also issue tax-exempt (and therefore, lower interest bonds) on behalf of a private entity for the construction of new plant or equipment.


The Marysville-Union County Port Authority is a proud member of the Ohio Council of Port Authorities.

Annual Reports
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