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An Automotive Powerhouse

Union County is the Midwest's Automotive Powerhouse with over 70 automotive companies located along the US-33 corridor between Dublin and East Liberty. Today's success in the automotive sector began in 1979 when Honda of America began production of the Honda CR250 Elsinore motorcycle at the newly constructed Marysville Motorcycle Plant. Since that day over 40 years ago, Honda and its many suppliers and affiliate companies have invested hundreds of millions into our local communities. 

Union County has proven that its cluster of 70+ automotive companies, automotive assets such as the Transportation Research Center, excellent talent, and access to global markets is everything that companies need to thrive in today's competitive automotive sector.

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Honda of America Manufacturing

Honda of America Mfg., Inc., the third largest employer in Central Ohio with 9,344 employed across the region, maintains major manufacturing, headquarters, and R&D operations in Union County. As a result, our community is also home to a number of automotive suppliers, including many Japanese-owned firms.

Honda celebrated its 40th year of domestic production in 2019 and recently exported its 1-millionth vehicle. The company has recently completed several major projects including the construction of the Honda Heritage Center, and expansion to construct the Acura NSX Supercar and a hybrid version of the Honda Accord.

Honda Operations in Union County:

  • Honda Marysville Auto Plant – Marysville

  • Honda Performance Manufacturing Center – Marysville

  • Honda North America, Inc. – Marysville

  • Honda North America Services, LLC – Marysville

  • Honda Engineering North America, Inc. – Marysville

  • Honda Lock Research & Development – Marysville

  • Honda Trading America Corp. – Marysville

  • Honda R&D Americas, Inc. – Raymond

  • Honda Access America, Inc. – Raymond

Marysville Auto Plant​
Marysville is where it all started. In November 1982, the very first Honda Accord rolled off the line. Over the next 30 years, the plant and its iconic flagship vehicle, the Accord, would lay the foundation for an unprecedented success story. Today, the 3.9 million square feet Marysville plant represents the largest of our Ohio operations, producing the Honda Accord Sedan & Coupe, the Accord Hybrid and the Acura TL for customers in more than 100 countries around the world.

Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC)
The Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) in Marysville is the exclusive global production facility for the all-new Acura NSX supercar. The PMC utilizes new approaches to vehicle construction, paint, assembly and quality confirmation.

Honda Heritage Center
The Honda Heritage Center highlights the company’s successes in North America over the last half century with an array of historical, current and future products – each with its own story. For more information about the HHC, including tour availability, please click here.

Honda North America 
Honda NA provides the leadership function of Honda’s North American regional operations and is the coordinating entity for such operations. They are also responsible for overseeing Honda’s North American sales, manufacturing and R&D for the company’s product lines.

Honda North America Services 
Honda North America Services provides many of Honda’s common support functions in North America. They streamline coordination of Honda’s R&D, manufacturing, purchasing and sales functions related to the introduction of new products.

Honda Engineering North America​
Established in 1988, this facility designs, develops and manufactures stamping dies, specialized production equipment and technologies for Honda plants across North America.

Honda Lock Research & Development
Honda Lock R&D conducts research and market analysis on key cylinders, door mirrors, glove boxes and door handles.

Honda R & D Americas 
More than 1,300 associates at this expansive facility perform engineering design, prototype fabrication and testing, local parts procurement and support for the start of mass production. Engineers also create cutting edge technologies that support the company in developing fuel efficiency and product safety.

Honda Access America
Honda Access America researches and designs many of the accessories used on Honda and Acura vehicles produced in North America. In addition to product development and testing, they also confirm installation methods and ensure accessory parts quality after installation.

Other Honda Operations in Close Proximity to Union County:

  • Anna Engine Plant – Anna

  • East Liberty Auto Plant – East Liberty

  • Honda Transmission Mfg. of America – Russells Point

  • Transportation Research Center – East Liberty

  • Midwest Express – East Liberty


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